The Keisha Y. Brown Angel Wings Fund, a local charity which supports individuals and families affected by cancer, has established a scholarship in memory of its founder and namesake, Keisha Y. Brown. Executive Director Damon Brown recently presented a $25,000 check to the Sacred Heart Academy Foundation, Inc., to endow the Keisha Y. Brown Angel Wings Scholarship. Interest from this fund will provide tuition assistance to middle and high school students or families at Sacred Heart Academy.

Keisha Brown was a teacher, counselor, administrator, and coach at Sacred Heart Academy, mentoring hundreds of students throughout 8 years of service before her death in 2014. A breast cancer diagnosis in 2007 did not stop her from fulfilling her dreams of becoming a mother, coaching state-championship level and collegiate-level basketball teams, and being a life-coach and keynote speaker for countless students, student organizations, and fellow cancer patients. She and her husband, Damon, created the Angel Wings Fund (named after their daughter Angel Brown) to ensure families affected by cancer did not have to give up their dream of education and betterment for their children.

“By establishing the Keisha Y. Brown Angel Wings Scholarship, Keisha’s legacy of education and faith lives on in perpetuity,” Damon says, adding that the Directors of the Angel Wings Fund were pleased to make this investment in the SHA Foundation. The SHA Foundation is an endowment where the principal is never spent; only the interest is used for the designated purpose. In this case, Damon says, there are scholarship criteria and preferences to award the interest each year and help deserving families.

Bill Myler, President of the SHA Foundation, says the organization is honored to accept the investment and create a fund in memory of Keisha Brown.  “Our number one goal is to help with operations of the school, but in recent years we have created several scholarship funds which benefit tuition assistance, which helps keep Catholic education affordable for local families. This is important to our mission.”

For information about the Angel Wings Fund, contact Executive Director Damon Brown at (989) 621-1310. For information about the SHA Foundation, contact Connie McCann at (989) 772-1385 or

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