McGuirk Arena was transformed into a dance stage Friday as Central Michigan University’s Greek community completed Greek Week 2015 with a dance off. Greek Life raised $50,047 for the Angel Wings Fund.

The winner of the Mock Rock is Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Sigma Tau, and Zeta Phi Beta. Beta Theta Pi member and Grandville senior Mitchell Hoogland said he was pleased with the results of the week.

“This was awesome because all the dances were together, all of the events were together and we volunteered together,” Hoogland said. “We were able to raise over $50,000 and that’s awesome, all of our practices were fun and we just had a great time.”

For the finale of a week long effort to raise money for Angel Wings Fund, the 11 fraternity and sorority pairings each danced a 10 minute routine in front of an eight judge panel.

The panel included Damon Brown, CMU head football coach John Bonamego and his wife Paulette.

Bonamego said he didn’t know much about dance, but his wife Paulette, a former NFL cheerleader, is a dance expert. “This is my game not his,” Paulette Bonamego said.

Brown said he was very touched by the hard work and support that the Greek community gave throughout the week.

“I’m speechless right now and totally shocked by the amount of support from this community, and how the students really bought in this week.” Brown said. “They’ve made a true impact on the lives of children for years to come. I’m really thankful for everything they’ve done this week and I’m sure my wife is ecstatic right now.”

This was the first Greek Week to include multicultural fraternities. Brown said he was excited to see the collaboration and inclusion that was shown throughout the week.

“When I became director four years ago a goal that I set was that I wanted to have a Greek Week that was inclusive of all the councils and people thought we were crazy,” Brown said. “It took some time to change the culture and students have bought into it. This is what Greek life is all about, students coming together no matter what your letters are for a cause.”

The winner of Money Wars was the team of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Omega Psi Phi.

James Daniel Sterba, a Greek week coordinator and Beta Theta Pi member, said Mock Rock and Greek Week 2015 were a success.

“This week has been absolutely incredible,” Sterba said. “We got to work with all the multi-cultural organizations, which is a first for Greek Week. We’ve had a service day, which is also a first. You are going to see the total tonight and it’s going to blow a lot of people away.”

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